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Marketing in the metaverse: An opportunity for innovation 


What is Metaverse? 

What, exactly, is the metaverse? Right now, the interested parties cannot agree on any one definition. But most descriptions—have some elements in common:

  • The metaverse encompasses immersive environments, often (but not always) using virtual- or augmented-reality technology.

  • The metaverse is “always on” and exists in real time.

  • The metaverse spans the virtual and physical worlds, as well as multiple platforms.

  • The metaverse is powered by a fully functioning virtual economy, often (but not always) built on cryptocurrency and digital goods and assets, including nonfungible tokens (NFTs).

  • The metaverse enables people to have virtual identities, presence, and “agency,” including peer-to-peer interactions, transactions, user-generated content, and “world-building.”

We believe that the metaverse is best characterized as an evolution of today’s internet—it is something we are immersed in instead of something we look at. It may realize the promise of vast digital worlds to parallel our physical one. For marketers, the metaverse represents an opportunity to engage consumers in entirely new ways while pushing internal capabilities and brand innovation in new directions.

What is Metverse

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Founded by 3 IT Professionals. Enthusiastic in new technologies in the market, starting from web2.0 / web 3.0 products when they first emerge in the market, including infrastructure / E-Commerce / Mobile First Cloud Application / ERP / Metaverse/ NFT etc Advisory and deployment.


The Meaning of Gundo: Ahead of the game and market. The act of rushing to score before all players are in the game!

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